Intuitive Engineering: Illumine-i’s Solution for Enhanced Project Efficiency

A well-managed solar project involves paying close attention to the system specifications and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Engineers with a deep understanding of such ins and outs play a pivotal role in navigating nuances and ensuring project success.

With that context, here is an important case study that illustrates engineers proposing a better technical configuration, to meet the client's requirements. This not only achieved client satisfaction, but also ensured seamless alignment with NEC standards, highlighting our expertise in engineering.

Efficiency Overhaul

In a recent project, the client initially engaged Growatt, a leading inverter manufacturer to size a solar energy system, with a DC to AC Ratio of 2.1. Based on the request, Growatt provided a preliminary proposal.

After examining the proposal prior to design, Illumine-i suggested performance optimizations in the client’s interest. The recommendation was to design a system with a lower DC-to-AC Ratio (viz. below 1.3) to minimize clipping.

This adjustment not only enhanced the system's performance for the client, but also yielded amore favorable Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

Aligning with Norms

In the same project, complexities arose as the client sought to create a hybrid system by referencing the Growatt inverter manufacturer's user manual. However, discrepancies were noted when cable sizes specified in the manual did not align with NEC Standards.

In response, Illumine-i initiated prompt communication with inverter manufacturer, highlighting the issue. Subsequently, the manufacturer’s R&D team reassessed their recommendations as per NEC standards, acknowledging the undersized cable specifications. They assured that their inverters would comply with NEC protocols, including cable size requirements.  

Furthermore, the manufacturer committed to revising the recommended cable sizes in the draft version of their user manual, ensuring alignment with NEC standards.

Key Takeaways

Instances like these underscore the collaborative approach by Illumine-i in addressing project intricacies. Through effective communication and engagement with partners, Illumine-i remains committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, thereby ensuring the success of complex solar projects.