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Commercial Solar System Design
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Feasibility Studies

Commercial Solar System Design

Is Your Solar Project's Feasibility Study Detailed Enough to Avoid Costly Mistakes?

Solar projects require expert foresight, starting with rigorous feasibility studies. EPC firms face challenges with resource variability, site characteristics, & regulatory requirements. So, without expertise, these challenges result in delays, cost overruns, and missed opportunities.  

That’s why Illumine-i steps in to assess three key project parameters: Financial Viability, Technical Feasibility, and Risk Mitigation. This way, your project stays on track with Quality, Timeline, and Budget.


Preliminary designs are the foundation of a successful solar PV project and at Illumine-i, we take them very seriously;

A. Feasibility studies start with a detailed analysis of solar resource availability, focusing on weather patterns, irradiance levels, and detailed shading analysis.

B. Grid load study assesses the impact of your solar installation on the existing power system. Here, we evaluate grid stability, interconnection requirements, and the distribution network to prevent disruptions.

C. We provide a preliminary cost estimate, covering everything from equipment and labor to permits and rebates. With this, you're not just getting a feasibility study; you're getting a complete, strategic solar project plan.
A thorough report with optimized system configuration, production estimates, equipment selection, and budget with a cost breakdown. Go Solar Confidently with Illumine-i!

How It Works

Commercial Solar System Design

Why Illumine-i

Commercial Solar System Design

Proven Track Record:
With a robust portfolio, comprising 2 GW of installed capacity, we have executed 120,000+ projects across North America, hence we possess the experience and expertise to deliver accurate results.

Client-centric Solutions:
Every solar PV project is unique. That’s why we tailor our approach to your specific needs—be it site selection, electrical system design, or budget estimation—ensuring solutions that align perfectly with your vision.

You are our partner on the journey to a greener future. That’s why we keep communication open throughout the feasibility study, welcoming your insights to co-create the best solar projects together.

Solar PV is a significant investment. Let's associate and turn your photovoltaic projects into success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What aspects must be considered when calculating energy yield for a solar project?

Calculating energy yield for a solar project involves accounting for electrical losses, degradation, shading effects, module temperature, soiling losses, and other factors impacting energy production. These variables are crucial for estimating actual energy output and ensuring the system meets performance expectations.

2. What does managing Requests for Proposals in solar PV projects entail?

Managing RFPs for solar PV projects is crucial for success, ensuring the right product specifications are chosen and selecting reliable, bankable vendors for equipment supply, thus avoiding potential project pitfalls later.

3. What aspects are included in financial modeling of solar feasibility studies?

The financial analysis in a solar feasibility study forecasts system costs, utility bill savings, incentives, and ROI. It considers local electricity rates, net metering policies, tax credits, and other financial factors impacting project viability. This includes a detailed cash flow projection emphasizing the long-term financial benefits of solar investment.

4. How important is solar resource assessment for PV projects?

Solar resource assessment for utility-scale projects analyzes historical solar irradiance data, weather patterns, and shading to gauge sunlight availability and consistency. This process estimates generation potential, guides panel orientation and placement, and identifies obstacles to energy production.

5. How do you address system sizing and design considerations?

Our preliminary feasibility study provides a conceptual system design based on available space, energy needs, and optimal panel orientation. It estimates system size, solar panel quantities, inverters, and balance-of-system components, optimizing layout to maximize energy generation while accommodating site constraints.