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Commercial Solar System Design
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Site Studies

Commercial Solar System Design

Building on inaccurate land mapping is risky!

If you’ve observed the success of notable solar projects, you’ve likely noticed they all had one thing in common: accurate site survey reports.

Getting the site survey right from the start is crucial. Here’s how Illumine-i’s expertise can prevent common pitfalls and ensure your project’s success in 5 distinct ways:

1. Site Assessment:
Accurate data on slopes, elevations, and shading is essential.

Without it, you risk choosing a site that’s unsuitable for solar generation, leading to reduced energy output or costly retrofits.

2. Optimal Layout Design:
Our site surveyors analyze roofs to design the perfect solar system layout.

We consider factors like tilt and sun direction to maximize energy output, ensuring an accurate and cost-effective system for your home.

3. Structural Design:
Illumine-i's thorough site surveys unlock optimal solar structures by analyzing soil, environment, and constraints.

Our experts design project-specific mounting systems to minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and ensure long-lasting performance for every solar project.

5. Defining Optimum Solar Interconnection Strategy:
Optimum solar interconnection strategy entails efficient and cost-effective integration of the solar system with existing site electrical infrastructure, considering grid capacity, proximity to distribution points, and regulatory compliance.

6. System Pricing Optimization:
Our thorough site survey ensures you accurately understand project requirements, preventing underquoting and unforeseen costs or delays, as well as overestimating and losing bids to competitors with optimized designs and accurate pricing.

By harnessing Illumine-i’s expertise, you not only sidestep these potential pitfalls but also ensure your project is primed for success right from the outset.

Sidestep Potential Pitfalls with Our Site Studies

Commercial Solar System Design

Illumine-i Delivers Project-centric Site Surveys

Commercial Solar System Design

Our team prioritizes accuracy, safety, and following regulations to guarantee a successful, sustainable, and legal solar installation for your peace of mind. Here's how our comprehensive site surveys achieve this:

Topography Survey:
This involves assessing the land's physical features, aiding in site assessment, optimal layout design, and planning for structures and infrastructure; essential for efficient and sustainable project developments.
Geo Tech Survey:
This survey assesses site suitability for solar installations by evaluating soil conditions, informing foundation design, and identifying risks like soil instability. It helps optimize costs and mitigate environmental impacts.
ALTA Survey:
This survey details the property boundaries, easements, utilities, zoning compliance, and title issues for solar projects. It helps the installation stay within designated areas, identifies restrictions, and aids in project compliance.
Underground Survey:
We evaluate subsurface conditions, utilities, and hazards for precise solar project planning and installation. It identifies utilities, assesses soil conditions & conducts geotechnical analysis, ensuring risk-free results.

Get started now and build on a strong foundation with Illumine-i's expert site surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What risks can be mitigated by conducting geotechnical surveys before installing solar panels?

Conducting geotechnical surveys helps mitigate risks like soil instability, inadequate load-bearing capacity, and potential structural failures, ensuring your installation is safe and secure.

2. Is an ALTA Survey Different from a Regular Boundary Survey?

While a boundary survey defines property lines, an ALTA survey offers a comprehensive overview of legal and physical property characteristics. Crucial for complex projects, ALTA surveys ensure thorough compliance with regulatory standards and anticipate constraints affecting project design and implementation.

3. What is the role of topographical surveys concerning earthwork planning in solar installations?

Topographical surveys provide essential data on land contours and elevation changes, aiding engineers in planning grading and earthwork for effective drainage and level surfaces. This ensures stable foundations for solar installations, minimizing risks such as water accumulation and uneven terrain.

4. What is examined from a geotechnical survey of a site?

Geotechnical surveys analyze soil composition, stability, and load-bearing capacity to assess the site's suitability for supporting solar panels & infrastructure. This ensures solid foundation design, reduces structural risks, and gives safer installations.

5. How do geotechnical surveys contribute to the structural integrity of solar panel installations?

By assessing the soil's composition, stability, and load-bearing capacity, geotechnical surveys ensure the ground adequately supports the weight of solar panel arrays and related infrastructure, contributing to the overall structural integrity of the installation.