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A trip that changed the perception of abundance & scarcity and made us think - Sustainable Living!

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The Summer of 2014

Illuminei industries About

The journey from California to a small town in India transitioned from city lights, luxury cars, exotic foods, cloths and air-conditioned buildings to single light bulbs, cycle commutes, good food and menial shelter. A state twice as populous, but with half the amenities of basic human living questioned our approach towards living. We work to improve not just the scarcity of resources in destitute communities, but also to reduce the wastage among well to do societies.

We are a team of Engineers and Creative thinkers, working towards Sustainable Living by supporting the development of Renewable power plants, Energy efficient buildings with competent construction methodologies, Clean transportation and High-Potent agriculture & manufacturing technologies.


Happy Customers around the World!

"Illumine Industries have been great to work with. The communication is solid, the plans are even better, and we've reached a level of trust that only tightens and improves our working relationship."
Titan Solar Power
I have been outsourcing engineering projects, commercial, and residential designs to this company for almost a year. I was hesitant to give Illumine Industries a full 10/10 because the question was not how I rate their performance, but how likely I am to recommend them.
Gold Rush Energy Solutions
"I have been impressed with the professionalism and speed at which they deliver their product. We have received positive feedback from AHJs regarding our permit submissions and this is a reflection of their work!"
SunPower by Legacy Solar