Utility Solar Design

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Utility Solar Design
solar permit services
utility Solar Permit Services

Utility Scale Solar Design Services

Illumine-i’s Utility Solar team is positioned to deliver code-compliant and cost-effective Interconnection Documents, Permit/Construction/As-Built Plan Sets, and design support to Developers, EPCs, Solar Asset Owners, and Utilities & Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

We offer services beyond Electrical where partners require Structural, Civil, Geotechnical, and Environmental Professionals for Rooftop, Shade Structures, and Land/Water-Based Solar PV Systems. We have the expertise and partnerships in Battery Storage to be agnostic to equipment and component selections for AC-Coupled or DC-Coupled Solar + Storage or Stand-alone.

With a Knowledge Bank of Engineers that are in the US and India, Illumine-i is able to bring Global Advantages to your Project Scheduling, Budget, Optimization, and Bankability. If Solar Design isn’t required, allow Illumine-i to review Plan Sets that have been submitted by Third-Party Engineers by our NABCEP Certified Engineers.

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Utility PV Design

Preliminary designs and concept layout

Fixed tilt ground-mounted designs

Single-axis and dual-axis tracker designs

Medium/High Voltage utility system design

PVSYST Reports and production estimates.

Arc flash studies

Central and String Inverters design

Interconnection Applications

Issue for Permitting/Issue for Construction Drawing Sets

Equipment Pad Structural Design

Structural Review

Electrical Review


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it normally take to get the final deliverables for submission from you?

The timeline depends on the type of project and the complexity of the scope involved in the project. We will let you know the turnaround time while quoting the project and strive to deliver all the design documents on time.

2. Why should I go with Illumine-i that prepares plans remotely?

Illumine-i has a local city based presence in California. We have delivered thousands of projects all across California, which were serviced by local professionals. We have local architects, designers, engineers who work on the architecture, design, and engineering projects.

3. Can Illumine-i provide printed plans as the final deliverables?

While we generally provide the electronic version of the stamped set of plans, we can provide printed plans to you if you need that. In the event electronic version of the plans is provided to you, you will need to be printed in order to submit to the city, and the number of sets depends on that jurisdictions requirements (please check your local city to determine what is needed for the submittal).

4. Has Illumine-i worked in my City or County?

Illumine-i has completed over 70,000 projects in 40 different states in the US. We have experience working with most jurisdictions, both City and County. Setup a call with us to find out if we have worked in your City or County.

5. Will Illumine-i do the construction part of the project as well? Can you refer contractors to me who can help undertake the construction?

We are a design and engineering firm and do not have install crews. We can put you in touch with subcontractors in your area if we know one.

6. Can you do permit plans for Commercial EV charging stations, Commercial Carports, Powerwall batteries, etc.?

Yes, we are well-versed in providing designs for EV charging stations, Carports, Powerwall batteries, etc. for both residential and commercial use.

7. When is the payment due?

Usually before 30 days from the receipt of invoice, but there are also case-by-case adjustments based on complexity.

8. What are the methods of payments?

Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire transfer, online cash transfer.