EV Charging Station Design

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EV Charging Station Design
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EVCS Design Services

EV Charging Station DesignEV Charging Station Design

With over 300 installers, contractors, and energy consultants in our client data base, Illumine Industries has become a house-hold name in the Solar Industry. And now we have begun the next chapter of our journey. Marching towards our vision, “To Support Every Human and Every Company on the Planet Achieve Sustainable Living”, we have now ventured into Sustainable Transportation. Considering your project required, allow Illumine-i to review Plan Sets that have been submitted by Third-Party Engineers by our NABCEP Certified Engineers.

Thanks to our vibrant team of EV enthusiasts, Illumine Industries has already designed over 100 EV Charging Stations across the United States. Quality matters to our engineers more than anything else. It is precisely the reason why we hold an impressive record for first time AHJ Approvals. Our EVCS Project designs are no different either.

Considering your project requirements, we deliver EV Charging Station Permit Plans, with the assistance of professional engineers with vast experience designing EV infrastructure.

  • EV Charging Station Design Layout
  • Feasibility Study
  • Electrical and Structural Engineering
  • Permit Coordination
  • Professional Services
  • Project Management
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Our EVCS plan set provides the following details for the installation of the Charging System, with or without battery backup, and for the residential or commercial systems which are Grid-tied or Off-Grid. The plan set is drafted to meet all state, local, and utility requirements.

  • Cover Sheet
  • Site Plan
  • Electrical Plan and Calculations
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Three Line Diagram (for commercial)
  • OCPD Calculations
  • System Information and Applicable Codes
  • Labels & Datasheets (Spec Sheets)
  • And all that is necessary for an approved

How Innovative Design is Revolutionizing EV Charging Stations Design.

With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry, the need for charging stations has become paramount. However, the traditional perception of EV stations as mundane and functional structures is being challenged by innovative design approaches that aim to revolutionize the charging experience.

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EV Charging Station Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I need a permit to install my charger? If so, how long will that take?

Yes, Permit is mandatory for all 50 states of the US. Make sure that you work closely with our Project manager so that he will guide you in understanding all the aspects needed for installing an EV charger in your home.

2. Why does my Level 2 charging station have to be multi-port?

Multi-port charging stations maximize the value of the rebate by being more cost-effective per port than single-port charging stations. Additionally, workplaces and other public facilities have been responding to the increasing demand for EVs and recognizing the need for one charging station to serve more than one EV.

3. Why is the rebate only for Level 2 chargers and DC fast chargers? Why not Level 1?

Level 2 and DC fast-charging stations provide faster charging speeds than a Level 1 station while offering greater durability and meaningful features, such as network connectivity that provides real- time data on the status of the charging unit, the convenience of making onsite payments, and the ability to reserve time slots to utilize the charger. Faster charging speeds enable higher turnover of usage of the charging stations and, therefore, increasing the number of EV owners who can charge their EV's there per day.

4. Do you carry any Insurance?

We have professional liability insurance for errors and omissions with an aggregate claim value of 2 million dollars  but thankfully there has been no claim so far.

5. When is the payment due?

Usually before 30 days from the receipt of invoice, but there are also case-by-case adjustments pertaining to situations.

6. What are the methods of payments?

Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire transfer, online cash transfer.

7. Can you do permit plans for EV charging stations?

Yes, we are well-versed in providing designs for EV chargingstations for both residential and commercial use.

8. What should I consider when designing the layout of my EV charging station?

When designing the layout of your EV charging station, you should consider factors such as traffic flow, parking space dimensions, charging equipment placement, and accessibility for users with disabilities.

9. How many charging ports should I include at my EV charging station?

The number of charging ports you should include at your EV charging station depends on the location and anticipated usage of the station. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one charging port per 100 parking spaces for Level 2 charging stations and one charging port per 10 parking spaces for DC fast charging stations.