How Illumine-i Navigated Unique Complexities of a 110kW C&I Solar Project

The world of solar projects is complex and nuanced, the degree of which is directly proportional to the scope and scale. Attention to detail and effective problem-solving are non-negotiable for success in this dynamic landscape.

The case in point is a challenging 110kW Commercial and Industrial (C&I) project situated in one of California's most rigorous jurisdictions.

Stepping Up:

A leading EPC operating in California faced approval challenges with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), despite efforts from their in-house team and another design firm.

Stepping in, Illumine-i undertook a comprehensive revision and update of the plan set, leveraging our consultative and value-engineering approach.

Addressing Redlines:

Addressing redlines presented a set of challenges, including updates to inverters, interconnection, stringing, and layout.

However, our adept team at illumine-i successfully navigated these intricacies, ensuring both the AHJ and the client were satisfied with the revised plan.

Going Beyond:

The challenges persisted. The client had a hard time trying to source 4 quantities of 3-phase inverters. The delivery timelines promised by the vendors were stretching into several weeks, threatening project completion and commissioning.

Leveraging our connections and long-standing networks, we procured the inverters in a matter of just 4 hours, much to the relief of the client and their investor.

The investor's gratitude was clear when they sent a heartfelt 'thank you' note to our Project Manager for expediting the process.

Key Takeaways:

This entire episode highlights the importance of collaborative problem-solving, resourcefulness, and resilience in achieving project goals.

Illumine-i remains steadfast in our commitment to meeting regulatory standards and ensuring the smooth progression of complex solar projects, come rain or shine.