Design Dedication: 33 Systems, One Rooftop Masterpiece

Diversity is a notable feature in the realm of solar ventures. Each project introduces unique technical challenges, that only skilled design engineers can handle effectively.

This case study explores the complexity that arose in one of our undertakings – a 215 kW Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Rooftop Solar project located in Arizona. Indeed, there lies another crucial scenario - Load Side Tap at 208V, spanning 33 individual single-phase systems, to be depicted comprehensively in a single plan.

A Creative Wiring Approach 

During the design phase, our ingenious team faced a challenge. The task at hand is to distinctively align each system, but the electrical diagrams were all similar. Undeterred, the team came up with a creative solution: a distinctive color-coding system to set each interconnection apart.

This not only added a visual aspect  to the plan , but also streamlined the understanding of the 33 systems, each tapping into 100A multi-meter packs.

The Output

The blueprint, a design masterpiece in itself, unfolds as one unified site plan, embracing the entire property. Simultaneously, it branches into 33 enlarged site plans and Single Line Diagrams (SLD), offering a granular view of each system individually.

Key Takeaways

The case analysis of this 215 kW Rooftop Solar project reflects our dedication, not only to overcome challenges but also to integrate creativity into complexity. Our team, adept in problem-solving, ensured the seamless alignment of interconnections.

In summary, we ensure that every aspect of the plan from code compliance to quality stands as a testament to Illumine-i's commitment towards design complexities, paving the way for a satisfying client experience.