Beyond Conventions: How Illumine-i Successfully Redefined a Stadium’s Design Landscape

Designing solar panels for stadiums poses unique challenges. The intricate nature of the structures demands innovative solutions for optimal energy harnessing. Moreover, it should blend functionality with aesthetics. Achieving this balance highlights the complexity of designs in stadium projects.  

The case in point is a Stadium Portfolio project, that involves installing 52 kW of solar panels. But the noteworthy aspect lies in the creative placement of these panels - on the vertical beams of the stadium's steel structure.

Expert Consultancy

What sets this project apart is the involvement of Illumine-i in providing valuable feedback on Structural feasibility.

Our P.E (Professional Engineer) conducted a structural analysis and provided a structural stamp. This step is crucial to ensuring safety and integrity of the structure under various load conditions. Also, to ensure Structural feasibility of the project, we collaborated with IronRidge to obtain a custom compliance certification for this project.

Key Takeaways

In summary, the Stadium Portfolio project is distinguished by its innovative solar panel placement on the vertical beams. The inclusion of expert feedback for Structural analysis demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach by Illumine-i in executing diverse solar projects.