Benefits of BIM Outsourcing Services

If you're looking to stay competitive in the world of construction, you know that clients expect nothing but the best.

When it comes to 3D coordination, modeling, information management, document control, digital project management, IT, and security, the industry standard is Building Information Modeling (BIM).

As the demand for BIM continues to grow, many architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms are finding themselves struggling to keep up with the workload.

But fear not! There's a solution that doesn't involve cloning yourself or growing extra arms.

It's called outsourcing.

And no, we don't mean sending your work to a distant planet.

Outsourcing BIM services can help you streamline your workflow, reduce costs, and free up more time for important things - like pondering the meaning of life or perfecting your golf swing.

So, grab a green smoothie, sit back, and let's explore the many benefits of outsourcing BIM services.

BIM outsourcing services

Elimination of Hidden Costs

• BIM outsourcing services are cost-effective and flexible since the amount of support required can be outsourced at affordable hourly rates based on the complexity of the project.

• BIM service providers will take care of the recurring hidden costs of specialized training, technological expertise, high-end computer hardware, and the latest software licenses in exchange for providing high-quality services.

• Companies can save funds by outsourcing BIM service providers on a project-by project basis rather than maintaining an in-house team and bearing the operational costs like expensive software license renewals.

Minimum Investment, Maximum Profit

• Hiring the right outsourcing BIM partner demands an initial investment to build the working relationship in the short run. Once the synergy and effective working process are formed, the BIM partner could professionally save the client money and time in the long run.

• To minimize investments and maximize profits, AEC firms can concentrate on their core capabilities while relying on BIM partners to handle modeling and drafting requirements.

Increased Productivity at Affordable Hourly Rates

• Access to high-quality services from a skilled team of specialists at affordable hourly rates will support you in focusing on core competencies.

• As a result, the difficulties of completing BIM projects under constrained timeframes with a limited workforce and complicated operational requirements are reduced and client can effectively collaborate with all the project stakeholders.

• This boosts productivity and helps to overcome the difficulties of completing BIM projects within constrained time frames, with a small team, and with complex operational requirements.

Achieve Construction Excellence

• An outsourced team of highly qualified expert engineers can help you achieve construction excellence with regular daily meetings, online project management

tools, and well-established guidelines.

• When a BIM outsourcing partner is involved, the integration of BIM with design and teamwork can improve project quality, accuracy, and speed, as well as reduce uncertainty and increase communication among project participants.

Assured High-Quality Results

• Due to their years of knowledge and desire to uphold their reputation, outsourced BIM partners assure high-quality results to their clients.

• This can free up the most time for the customer to engage in their business development and allow their designing and engineering team to concentrate on completing the project by handling workload constraints.

Maximizing client satisfaction

• An outsourced BIM partner can effectively work with you to ensure that your clients receive coordinated designs that eventually maximize their level of satisfaction

• Effective BIM implementation by an outsourced partner in a construction project ensures top-notch outcomes through the most cutting-edge technologies

Time-Zone Advantages

• Fast response times are ensured by outsourcing BIM services from countries with different time zones

• For example, an offshore experienced BIM partner like Illumine-i which has teams in multiple time zones, offers 24×7 services through cutting-edge technology for delivering quick turnaround times. This can enable US, UK, and Australian companies in leveraging the time zone differences

• Due to the time zone difference, if outputs are received at night, the client can have them available for publication in the morning

Stay on top of your projects with Illumine-i as your BIM partner

The process of implementing in-house BIM solutions can be a complex and costly venture that requires significant investments in technology and personnel.

But with Illumine-i, a reliable outsourced BIM partner, you can increase project value and streamline delivery timelines with innovative ideas and strategies that boost efficiency and output.

Our team of skilled and experienced BIM engineers can ensure the accuracy and consistency of your project from concept to completion, and our clear BIM Execution Plan promotes collaboration and synergy with your in-house team.

We offer a range of affordable BIM services, from 3D modeling to MEP coordination, and our regular project audits and on-time delivery guarantee ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Outsourcing Illumine-i's BIM services can lead to a 50% improvement in construction quality and a 20% reduction in overall costs, making it a wise choice for any AEC project.


1. What is BIM outsourcing services?

BIM outsourcing services involve the delegation of Building Information Modeling tasks to external entities or professionals. Companies opt for outsourcing to leverage external expertise for tasks such as 3D modeling, clash detection, and other BIM-related services, allowing them to efficiently manage project demands.

2. Why outsource BIM services?

Companies choose to outsource BIM services to tap into specialized skills, manage costs effectively, and scale their BIM capabilities as per project requirements. Outsourcing enables firms to access a pool of skilled BIM professionals without the need for substantial in-house resources, contributing to increased project efficiency.

3. What is architectural BIM services?

Architectural BIM services encompass the application of Building Information Modeling specifically within the architectural domain. This includes tasks such as detailed 3D modeling, precise construction documentation, and the use of BIM tools for optimized design and collaboration among architects and stakeholders.

4. Who needs BIM services?

BIM services cater to a wide range of stakeholders in the construction industry, including architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, and project owners. These services are essential for those involved in design, construction, and maintenance, facilitating collaboration and improving overall project outcomes.

5. Why would a company decide to outsource BIM services?

Companies opt for outsourcing services to gain access to specialized skills, reduce operational costs, focus on core competencies, and adapt to varying project demands. Outsourcing BIM services allows firms to efficiently manage specific tasks without the need for extensive in-house resources.