Statement of Qualification

Corporate Information

Illumine industries is a comprehensive design and engineering firm that is single-mindedly focused on promoting environmental sustainability. Our mission is to help every human and company achieve sustainable living. At Illumine i, we have a special and lasting relationship with our clients, something that has been the key to our continued success.

Corporate Headquarters

Austin Woods Dr,
TX 78759
Phone : 510-707-6405

Company Overview

Illumine Industries was founded in the year 2015. Since our inception, we have grown horizontally and vertically, delivering a broad range of sustainable engineering services. With headquarters in Fremont, California, and offices in Austin, Texas and Chennai, India, we have steadily expanded our scope of building greener and smarter societies across the globe.

Illumine Industries is the brainchild of three former employees of Tesla, Sunrun, and NextEra respectively. Founded as a start-up providing design and engineering support to residential rooftop and C&I solar developers/EPC’s, we have recently transitioned to offering turnkey engineering support for DG/utility-scale solar PV projects. As of today, we have under our belt, about 200 MW Portfolio of solar PV design engineering experience in the US alone.

Integral to this growth has indeed been our top-notch services made possible by our progressive work culture and stellar professionals. Our experts work round the clock to deliver quality projects promptly and efficiently. What drives us is our motivation to solve a host of technical challenges that affect right from small communities to large industrialized societies.

Organizational Structure

Illumine Industries nurtures a dynamic work culture, one rooted in our core values of Integrity, Learning, Growth, Empathy, and Collaboration. At Illumine i, we encourage our employees to come out of their shells and take on multiple challenges. They are also given complete creative license to solving problems as they deem fit, something that has allowed us to build a team of leaders, who know their way around any critical situation.

This structure allows us to be responsive to client requirements and gives clear accountability to all key project managers. Responsibilities and accountability are clear, and decisions are made quickly. Every project team and every team member is given the flexibility to solve problems when they are encountered rather than having to wait for a manager's approval. Because we hire only the most skilled professionals, this approach results in faster and more appropriate solutions. Expert site management is provided by professionals who have spent their careers in the markets we serve.

Our Staff

Nithish Sairam, CEO:
Having completed his master’s degree from the Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University, Nithish went on to work at Tesla and NextEra Energy for more than 5 years. In his roles, he developed, managed, and built projects across the US with system sizes in the range of 5MW-100MW.

Terance Harper, Utility-Scale Solar Engineer:
With more than 6 years of experience in solar, Terance leads the utility-scale and C&I solar engineering projects. He is NABCEP certified and has developed and engineered multi-megawatt community solar farms with medium voltage interconnections to utility distribution lines at 13-32 kV. He also had a stint at Sonnen and SolarCity specializing in the integration of energy storage products with solar.

José J. Rivera, PE, LEED AP l Senior EE:
José is an outside consultant who works with Illumine Industries on the electrical engineering review and EE supervision for all the solar projects. He is a spirited Electrical Engineer with multiple licenses and an NCEES record. He also works as a3rd party consultant, checking the design, observing the installation, commissioning the system, or mediating in disputes resolution.

Srinath. M, Project Manager:
Srinath has more than 5 years of experience in handling varying levels of complex projects. A meticulous professional, he is excellent at grinding down to the minute details of a given project. Other crucial responsibilities of his include contract requirements, management, and cost tracking.

Eugene Munyanziza, P.E. Structural Engineer:
Eugene is an outside consultant. He has a master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. Having been in the solar industry since 2013, he has contributed to more than 200 MW of solar design and installation including residential, commercial, and utility-scale.
Eugene is proficient in STAAD pro, SAAP 2000, AutoCAD, Lpile, and CFS. He is also familiar with the different versions of IBC, AISC, ASCE, CBC as well as NDS codes.

Christopher O’Neil, P.E. Senior Electrical Engineer:
Chris is a third-party consultant, who has held numerous positions for utilities and engineering consultants in his 30 years of experience in the power industry. He has worked in all major facets of the Electric Utility industry including overhead and underground as well as transmission and distribution construction; this includes metering, engineering, operation, and design of distributed generation facilities. He is an Engineer of Record for over 200 megawatts of solar PV generation. He has also been responsible for renewable power systems design to include distributed generation facilities ranging from 1 kW – 60 MW rooftop, ground, or pole-mounted systems.

Business Philosophy

There are four guiding principles by which we manage our business:
1) Putting the needs of our clients first.
2) Providing a management approach tailored to the unique requirements of each client.
3) Maintaining the highest technical & ethical standards.
4) Keeping up with changing regulations and technological advancements in the industry

Company Capabilities

Residential Solar Design
Schematic line drawings
Two-dimensional layout drawings
Site installation drawings
Roof or ground mounting schematics
Voltage calculation
OCPD/Interconnection calculation
And all that is necessary for an approved permit

C&I Solar Design
System Sizing and Production Estimates
Equipment Selection
Solar Layout (Conceptual and Final)

Utility Solar Design
Preliminary designs and concept layout
Fixed tilt ground-mounted designs
Single-axis and dual-axis tracker designs
Medium/High Voltage utility system design
PVSYST Reports and production estimates.
Arc flash studies
Central and String Inverters design
Interconnection Applications
Issue for Permitting/Issue for Construction Drawing Sets
Equipment Pad Structural Design
Structural Review
Electrical Review


Illumine Industries is all about providing quality services. It means the world to us. Our approach to solving the problems of our clients is rather comprehensive: first, we analyze the problems meticulously; then we develop a customized approach and deliver results that far exceed their expectations.

At Illumine Industries, we consistently look for ways to improve our process, tools, and approach to doing business so that we can add more value to our clients. One way we continuously improve is through the solicitation of frequent feedback from our clients. We also regularly measure our performance against national and company standards and by setting challenging targets for each project.

One of our major strengths has been the clarity each of us has in the roles we play. All employees know what is expected of them, what is expected of our subcontractors and vendors, and how to communicate these expectations to every member of the project. It is such factors that allow us to provide quality deliverables requiring minimal rework.

Because we are uniquely positioned to take up both large and small-scale projects, we could build an impressive clientele that ranges from large corporates to small firms. But whatever the scale or scope of a project, we go about our business by developing a comprehensive understanding of our client's objectives first. This allows us to nip minor issues that might otherwise snowball into major problems right in the bud.

Our clients know us as experts in our field. They appreciate the work we do and see us not as outsiders, but as an extension of their own staff. In a nutshell, we attribute our success to our people, systems, and our emphasis on client communications

Our Clients and Projects

Our clients know us as experts in our field. They understand and appreciate that we work as their partner – an extension of their own staff. Because we are uniquely positioned to provide excellent, cost-effective service on both large and small projects, we are able to include both large and small companies on our client list.

All of our projects begin with a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives. We provide a team of experts with the capabilities and authority to deliver a top-quality project, on schedule. This is not achieved by chance, it is a systematic, proactive approach that searches out issues and resolves them before they become problems. The project team is supported by the standardized procedures and systems that we have developed specifically for the markets we serve. Our people, our systems, and our emphasis on client communications ensure that we deliver consistent results to our clients.

The following are some of our projects:

Elios Solar
Carport 350kw DC
Garage mounted on Car Dealership
San Jose, CA
Inverters: CPS String Inverter
Custom carport structure for strict AHJ with layout conditions and considerations was able to meet code and satisfy client requirements. Bi-facial modules are used and spaced to maximize backside gain

Got Electric
School Portfolio – 15 MW+
Orange County Public Schools - Virginia
Augusta County Public Schools – Virginia
Medical Facilities – 5 MW+3 MW+ Rooftop Solar Engineered on Cold Storage Facility – Virginia
Interconnection Strategy: Supply Side Tap, Load Side Tap, 208VInverters: CPS String Inverter
Projects required Independent Engineer reviews for Financial task and was approved on 98% of projects and proved a rejection to be incorrect via NEC code references.

Get Optimal Tech
Hotel Portfolio1.5MW+ of Rooftop Solar
Comfort Suites, Best Western, Red Roof Inn name a few
Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee
Interconnection: Supply-Side Taps 208V 3Ph, 120/240V1Ph
Inverters: Solectria
(1) project required a grounding transformer within the Indianapolis utility territory in Indiana for a project less than 100KW behind the meter. This was found to be odd amongst all Subject Matter Experts, however, to satisfy Utility an appropriately-sized transformer was engineered along with shunt-tripping.

Mass American Energy
SMART program solar systems Interconnecting at Medium Voltage
Distribution Lines20 MW of Rooftop, Canopy, and Ground mounts 1(17) Commercial properties
Interconnection: 12.47KV, 480VMassachusetts & Rhode Island
Inverters: CPS and Solaredge
Interconnection applications were created for National Grid.
Eversource, and Unitil Utility Distribution System. We have a great sense of knowledge and experience with engineering, testing &commissioning large scale systems that tie directly into the utility distribution lines at medium voltage

Federal Projects
Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospital
A refurbished project that was under bond and Surety Responsibility for Completion
1.4MW+ Carport and Ground System with Medium Voltage Interconnection
The challenge that was overcame was meeting the VA deadlines along with the meticulous detail required per specs from the VA.

Private White Label
Supports all (50) states
9MW+ of rooftop, carport, ground mount
Inverters: Fronius, SMA, CPS, Solaredge, Generac, Enphase, Solectria, etc
Energy Storage: Enphase, Generac, Tesla, POMCube, Eguana, etc.
EV Chargers: Chargepoint
At times we receive Helioscope or Sketch of layout with no consideration of obstructions and setback code, however, we give feedback on improvements to layout to benefit Ease of Install and Maintenance while maximizing production.

EV Charger Projects
DC Fast Charger 50KW
EV Chargers: Charge point, EV Loop, Enel-x Juice Stand