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Leveraging our prior collaborations with reputable clients in battery projects, we're now fully equipped to provide exceptional design solutions for BESS (Battery Energy Storage System). With a keen eye for selecting optimal batteries and fine-tuning power efficiency, we're poised to deliver tailored solutions for your solar systems, ensuring peak performance.

Solar design excellence meets personalized service with our expertise - for seamless integration and maximum ROI on your clean energy initiatives. That's why partnering with us is your best bet!

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Construction Plans of 100kW capacity can be completed in 24-48hrs.
Assurance for Minimum DNSP Rejection Rate
Design drawing revisions raised by DNSP  are Handled at NO Additional Cost
A Dedicated Project Manager will exclusively handle your account.

With an impressive portfolio of over 30 GW spread across 132 utility-scale projects, Australia's embrace of solar power has never been more evident. This demand highlights the country’s dedication to sustainable energy solutions. At Illumine-i, we lead the clean-tech industry, guiding clients through every step of the solar journey. From the initial consultation to aftersales support, our dedicated team ensures you a hassle-free experience overall. With skilled, technically adept solar designers employing advanced software tools, we oversee projects of any scale and complexity. This includes but not limited to:

  • Residential solar systems: Roof-top,
    Ground Mount, and more.
  • Large-scale C&I Solar Installations.
  • Custom Utility-scale Solar Projects.
  • Solar Car Ports.
  • Other Custom Client Requirements.
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Solar Permit Services

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Solar Permit Services

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Preliminary Engineering Services

As the solar industry expands rapidly, especially in large-scale utility (with and without battery) and C&I rooftop sectors, preliminary engineering design services have become a necessity. Supportive policies and improving economics drive this growth - emphasizing the importance of adopting renewable energy and our crucial role in facilitating this transition. At Illumine-i, our preliminary design engineering services begin with in-house experienced Australian engineers:
  • Assisting in site surveys to evaluate system feasibility as per applicable codes.
  • Devising PV and string layouts to optimize energy capture, accounting for shading and local environmental factors, adhering to codes such as AS5033, AS4777, AS3008, AS3000, etc.
  • Creating preliminary engineering blueprints for support structures and electrical design (DC & AC) systems,  adhering to Australian standards.
  • Incorporating smart technologies into a structured communication plan for efficient system management.
Our expertise extends to designing several power systems like on-grid, off-grid, hybrid, and micro-grid , providing communities with sustainable energy choices. Additionally, we empower local resilience through community-owned renewable energy projects. To achieve system efficiency, we explicitly fine-tune your solar panel’s azimuth, structural integrity, and tilt angles in the design. This calculated approach suits Australia's diverse climates and gives consistent energy production year-round.

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Construction Engineering Services

From conducting geotechnical studies to Commissioning of the project, our construction engineering solutions adhere rigorously to Australian standards. At Illumine-i, we do understand the impact of surprises that happen during construction , and so, our experts deliver tailored services to ensure your project achieves absolute perfection! Once a plan gets approved, our construction engineers undertake the project, focusing on specific parameters depending on your requirements:
  • Detailed System Design
  • Bill of Materials and Planning
  • Guidance on Sustainable Construction Management Practices.
  • Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • All backed up with seamless Documentation and Recordkeeping.
We acknowledge the impact of government initiatives like SRES (STC) and LREC (LGC) in fostering solar installation growth. Prioritizing 3 key design aspects - quality, safety, and accurate documentation - our engineers streamline the approval process, enabling you to capitalize on these valuable government incentives effortlessly. Rest assured, our technical specialists aid you with the best construction engineering services that ensure compliance, save time, minimize risks and maximize the value of your investment.

Perhaps, our innovative solar solutions not only optimize resource utilization, but also elevate your projects to the next level: Eco-conscious, Efficient, and Cost-effective. As the renewable energy domain progresses, seize the opportunity to collaborate with us!

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As-built Engineering Services

Introducing our As-built Engineering Services - With an acute focus on detail, we ensure the accuracy of mapping data onsite to drawing, through detailed technical documentation. Here is a snapshot of the process: After the construction phase, our engineers perform 2 crucial steps:
  • Verify alignment between the "As built" system and initial plans, to capture & document the modifications/deviations during construction.
  • Document your project’s configurations, right from solar panel placement to wiring diagrams, meeting relevant Australian standards.
Such documentation aids future maintenance, troubleshooting, system upgrades, saves time, and prevents operational challenges. We assure our As-built drawings enable seamless tracking of construction changes by contractors, owners, and facility  managers!

Experience the captivating detail of our As-built documentation services, tailored to both greenfield and brownfield engineering projects.
Let’s Join hands and achieve the SDG of the United Nations together!

Sustainable Living Starts at Home: Solar & BESS for Australian Households

Australia, abundant in year-round sunshine, holds vast potential for solar energy, yet many households underutilize this resource. By pairing solar panels with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), homeowners can enhance energy efficiency, ensure uninterrupted power supply, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the solar design engineering process typically take in Australia?

The length of time it takes to design a solar energy system can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the level of service required, and the availability of necessary information. Generally, it can take a few days to weeks to design a solar energy system in Australia.  For instance, 100 kW  projects can take around 24 to 48  hours at Illumine-i.

2. Do I get any benefits/rebates for installing solar panels?

Absolutely! In Australia, citizens can benefit from numerous solar rebates, including the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), Federal Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), Synergy Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS), and Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET). Additionally, individuals qualifying for the Low-Income Household Rebate can obtain a complimentary 3kW solar system, fully installed at no cost.

3. How many solar panels do I need?

The number of solar panels that you need in Australia depends on factors such as personal energy consumption, roof area, property type, and solar system’s overall size. Contact the solar experts at Illumine-i for expert guidance on the optimal count of panels that you would require, to maximize your switch to sustainable energy.

4. Why should I use a solar design service in Australia?

Using an Australian solar design service helps EPCs overcome common hurdles. By leveraging such services, you can overcome hurdles related to optimizing energy production and fulfilling electricity requirements effectively. Moreover, partnering with a reputable solar design service like Illumine-i facilitates adherence to local regulations and eases access to rebates, be it residential, commercial, or utility-scale projects.

5. Do you provide a Dedicated Project Manager to handle my solar design engineering project?

Yes, at Illumine-i, we understand the importance of personalized attention and seamless project management for all our clients.  That's why we assign a Dedicated Project Manager to oversee your solar design engineering project, right from start to finish. Our PM acts as your primary point of contact, ensuring effective communication, timely updates, and efficient coordination throughout the project lifecycle.

6. Can a solar design firm help me with construction and network approvals in Australia?

Some solar design services    may offer construction and network approvals  for PV systems  in Australia, while others may only focus on the design phase. It's important to clarify the scope of work before hiring an engineering service partner .

7. Is it worth getting a solar battery?

Of course. From giving power backup to reducing dependence on the grid (with the help of peak shaving and load shifting), solar batteries potentially lead to cost savings. Provided, EPCs must seek guidance from an experienced solar design engineering firm like Illumine-i, who possess strong technical expertise in BESS-related projects across Australia and can assure these benefits.