Residential Solar


Residential PV Design Services

With over 15000 residential projects in our portfolio, Illumine-i have become the most trusted design services partner for installers, contractors and energy consultants across the United States.

We assure first-time AHJ approvals. We prefer quality over everything else and our client satisfaction rate is above 95%.

We have done close to 75 MW size of projects across the United States in the residential sector alone. Our plan sets are of the highest standards and in line with the updated codes.

Each state has its own standards and specifications; our team is trained to work keeping in mind the necessary requirements.


Residential PV Permit Plan

System Sizing and Production Estimates

Preliminary Solar Assessment and Specific Production Estimation

Equipment Selection

Inverter/Module recommendation and BOS selection

Solar Layout

Efficient and aesthetic PV Array layout


  • Dead Load Calculations
  • Solar Structure Attachment and Anchoring Details
  • Review of existing structure to support solar
  • Structural Review (in US only)


  • Wire and Conduit Sizing
  • Electrical Site Plan
  • Electrical Line Diagram
  • Warning Labels and Placards
  • Electrical Review (in US only)